Making an Application for a Pilgrim 400 Apple Tree

1. Applications should be made before 1st May 2020 using the form below.

2. Applicants will need to confirm that they have the landowner’s permission to plant and are able to meet the requirements for their tree to establish and grow well. The requirements are summarised here:

3. Successful applicants will be notified during May 2020. If there are more than 40 suitable applications, trees will be allocated to those schools and groups that can best show how they will meet the requirements for planting and establishment.

4. Trees will need to be collected by arrangement from Plymouth, Devon, between 16th September 2020 (the anniversary of the Mayflower’s departure from Plymouth) and 25th November 2020 (when the Pilgrims first stepped ashore in America). Payment must be made in advance by cheque or bank transfer.

5. Should collection prove difficult, it may be possible to arrange for trees to be delivered but all the additional costs involved, including transport by courier, will have to be paid for in advance by the schools or groups concerned. For those outside the United Kingdom, this will include the costs of meeting plant health requirements.

6. Once trees have been collected or dispatched, responsibility for their safekeeping, planting and establishment will rest with the schools or groups concerned.

Please read all the information above BEFORE making your application

I would like to apply for a ‘Pilgrim 400’ apple tree and, if successful, will be able to: • Collect the tree from Plymouth Devon, or meet all the additional costs involved with delivery.
• Make payment by cheque or bank transfer in advance of collection or delivery.
• Satisfy the requirements for planting and establishing the tree successfully.