Pilgrim 400 Apple

'Pilgrim 400' is a new variety of apple, named to mark 400 years since the Mayflower’s pioneering voyage to America with ‘Pilgrims’ on board

A Landmark Event

The 'Pilgrim 400' is being planted in towns, cities and villages joined by the Mayflower story to mark this major anniversary, strengthen relationships and build on shared values.

And community groups and schools anywhere may join the commemorations in 2020 by applying for one of 40 specially grown maiden trees to plant.

The Pilgrim 400 Apple | Mayflower 400 Events | Plymouth Pilgrims
The Pilgrim 400 Apple | Mayflower 400 Events | Plymouth Pilgrims
More about the Pilgrim 400

The 'Pilgrim 400’ is a productive apple tree which should grow well in European and American climates, and symbolise the strong links between the peoples of both continents.

Round and rosy, ‘Pilgrim 400’ is a culinary apple with creamy white flesh and a distinctive sweet flavour as it mellows with age.

The Story Begins

The ‘Pilgrim 400’ apple was born out of a conversation between two friends, Celia Steven and John Stirland. Celia is the great granddaughter of Henry Merryweather, the nurseryman who raised the Bramley apple, and she lives near Plymouth, Devon. John Stirland is a horticulturist and a former presenter with Radio Nottingham and he lives in a village near the area where some of the Pilgrims came from.

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